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Cárdenas Consulting is an independent and creative consultancy that offers EU public affairs and public relations services to Corporations, European trade associations, governments, and NGOs.

It helps clients to communicate effectively and to develop a constructive dialogue with the EU institutions and other stakeholders involved in the EU process.

It is important to know who to approach, how and when to act. With over eight years of experience in the Brussels arena, we thoroughly understand the EU institutions; we have developed a solid understanding of the EU decision making process, and we have well-established networks in Brussels and Member States. 

Our services include research and analysis, public affairs (Lobbying campaigns), public relations, network and event management, and management from A to Z (from application drafting to implementation phase) of European projects indifferent areas and programs.


Cardenas Consulting. Rue Saint-Jean 37 boîte 2. 1000 Bruxelles (BE). TVA BE 0826334684